“I do actually not know what I did in life to deserve you but I knew the first time when I saw you, you’re something special. You make me the best I can be, you’re my best friend – you’re just my absolute favourite thing in the world, you really are. You’re my best friend, and there’s nothing else that I need in life.

Thank you for who you are – I couldn’t have wished for a better wife. I love you so much and I can’t wait to grow old with you.”

[Prepare your tissues because this wedding had our whole team teary-eyed.]

Philipp and Leya celebrated their wedding at the gorgeous Gunners Barracks and poured their hearts out in front of an intimate group of family and friends.

There’s a reason why people cry and a flurry of emotions surround a wedding day – within the depth of our hearts we all yearn to experience love and Philipp and Leya’s wedding day was a perfect example of that.

As a guest at a wedding I think it’s always the hardest decision to choose where to look during a ceremony: to either stand in awe of the bride as she walks down the aisle or to watch as the groom breaks down in tears.

Photo by Captured Frames

We honestly were so grateful to cross paths with these two special beings and so stoked to have been trusted to capture such special moments not just for the Bride and Groom but for their family both present and overseas. Trying to capture the quintessence of what this day held in one video felt so daunting as we sifted through all the magical moments but evermore rewarding as everything just fell into place.

Thank you Philipp and Leya for moving our hearts and for just being the best couple ever.

Love from the Captured Frames team.

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